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Watchlist screening & identity resolution

Screening watchlists is crucial to ensure that customers and their counterparties are not a source, destination, or conduit for illegal funds. All useful data should be scanned at once while prioritizing the risks. Meet idetect: it outsmarts the usual detection process.

Reduce the number of alerts

idetect reduces the number of alerts and cuts down resources allocated to manage false positives, effectively ensuring compliance while decreasing overall cost. This is done by analyzing data quality, corroborating information, and examining discriminatory evidence rather than relying solely on a threshold-based model.

Get the latest information

idetect ensures that the most recent, comprehensive, and relevant information is collected for analysis. This process is facilitated by its automated crawler, which methodically browses the Internet to find information and capture watchlist content. All applicable data is automatically imported from multiple sources, such as flat files, third-party APIs, websites, and RSS feeds.

Prioritize risks

idetect leverages contextual identity-based analytics, machine learning, and decision trees to make watchlist monitoring both easy and accurate. From an investigation perspective, attention is typically placed on higher risks but all risks, even regular-level risks, must be verified — with most watchlists containing millions of names, this can be a challenge.

Our approach examines customers and their relationships in a variety of different circumstances and characteristics, and then allocates them on a risk basis. As not all of them represent an equal risk, it is best to identify those which represent the highest risk and deal with them first before continuing.

Manage multicultural name data sets

idetect provides the largest available set of matching algorithms and transliteration capabilities to manage multicultural name data sets. In addition to standard Latin based data, idetect can match non-Latin characters such as Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Thai in their original scripts.

Advantages recap

  • Transliteration capabilities
  • Real-time Watchlist and Identity resolution (batch/after-the-fact possible)
  • NextGen matching with the lowest number of false positives & negatives on the market
  • RESTful Web service and Message Oriented Middleware for synchronous and asynchronous real-time integration
  • Database encryption up to Top Secret level (NATO classification)
  • Usage of unstructured data
  • “Big Data” compatible: Sparks® and Hadoop®
  • Connect with an unlimited number of external data sources