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Market surveillance & holistic detection

Detecting and preventing illegal trades requires global surveillance and risk management. Complying with regulations necessitates the use of the most sophisticated automated methods. Meet idetect: it reveals market abuses before they occur.

Detect abusive trading

idetect provides all the functionality necessary to detect rogue, abusive, or erroneous trading. This is critical to ensure compliance across both sales and trading sectors for a variety of organizations (e.g., retail/institutional brokerage firms, investment bank, asset & wealth management, correspondent and clearing businesses). With idetect, enterprises have the tools they need to respond quickly to insider trading and collusive cliques.

Anticipate market manipulation

idetect automates the behavior profiling of traders both inside and outside an organization, enabling enterprises to anticipate the most sophisticated forms of abuse. This is done by combining internal rules with machine-learning mechanisms.

Using a combination of both techniques, idetect covers the full spectrum of activities where rogue traders, market manipulators, and insider traders can be spotted. This includes everything from the approval process for personal trades to outside-of-business activities.

Interact with all data

idetect uses text analysis and extraction techniques to discover previously out-of-sight evidence hidden within unstructured data. This technology can be applied to a wide variety of unstructured information, such as e-mails, Internet sources, documents, print logs, facility access logs, and chat logs.

The solution looks at individual words and concepts using semantical, syntactical, statistical, taxonomy-based, and machine-learning driven models. These models identify patterns across an entire collection of documents and can then correlate information with structured data.

Advantages recap

  • Real-time Surveillance (batch/after-the-fact possible)
  • Detection of collusive cliques, closed-cycle structure and wash trades made by group of accomplices
  • Link analysis and Geo-intelligence
  • RESTful Web service and Message Orientated Middleware for synchronous and asynchronous real-time integration
  • Database encryption up to Top Secret level (NATO classification)
  • Usage of unstructured data
  • “Big Data” compatible: Hadoop® and Kafka®
  • Connect with an unlimited number of external data sources