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Know your customer & risk scoring

During the client onboarding stage, risk teams face several management and operational challenges. Advanced technology, such as comprehensive real-time screening, facilitates the easy creation & analysis of client profiles, leaving you more time for decision making. Meet idetect: it spares you the trouble of collecting and analyzing data.

Ensure the highest level of compliance

idetect supports the automated and complete screening of all new customers. This is facilitated by the risk rating engine, which provides perpetual awareness of the full risk scope. This feature links together all Customer Identification Programs and Enhanced Due Diligence activities to convey a 360-degree customer risk assessment.

Every change in a customer’s profile is automatically analyzed, with significant ones triggering an alert with a call-to-action for the investigator. In addition, idetect analyzes and displays the structure and ownership of legal entities, enabling you to easily identify beneficial owners.

Manage onboarding documents

idetect has the capability to collect and analyze vast quantities of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data from a range of diverse sources, such as CRM databases, international watchlists, customer activity databases, trusted news, and Internet-based information. The platform supports optical character recognition to aid in the data collection process.

idetect can sort through documentation held on existing internal systems as well as collected data to create links and generate comprehensive client profiles, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

Know your customer's customer

As the complexity and interconnection of financial relationships deepen and spread, the necessity to track & monitor your customer’s customers is becoming as important as knowing your customer. idetect discovers and displays connections found in complex information flows and, via network analytics, supports the identification and behavior profiling of customer’s customers.

Advantages recap

  • Real-time Client Onboarding and Risk Scoring (batch/after-the-fact possible)
  • Dedicated forms
  • Link analysis and Geo-intelligence
  • RESTful Web service and Message Oriented Middleware for synchronous and asynchronous real-time integration
  • Database encryption up to Top Secret level (NATO classification)
  • Usage of unstructured data
  • “Big Data” compatible: Hadoop® and Kafka®
  • Models for banks, money transfer operators, insurances and more
  • Connect with an unlimited number of external data sources