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Counter fraud & behavior analytics

Behavior analytics is an essential asset when tackling financial crimes. Access to the latest innovations in this field simplifies the management of enterprise fraud. Meet idetect: it evolves as fast as the fraud landscape.

Anticipate questionable activities

Pre-empting questionable activity is now faster and more cost effective. idetect analyzes customers, counterparties, employees, and partner behavior in every single transaction. The software blocks suspicious transactions in real-time, automatically reacts to attempted fraud, and carries out routine tasks following a confirmed fraud event.

Gain control

Gain complete control over your detection engine. Through the use of advanced Pseudo-Natural Language (PNL) technology, idetect goes beyond traditional rules and thresholds by providing in-depth control over all aspects of the detection process, such as data enrichment, managing data sources, and adding profile data attributes.

Visualise suspicious activities

In a vast sea of data, making sense of seemingly unconnected information can pose a challenge to the investigation process. idetect, however, can empower your enterprise to make sense of masses of data and complex scenarios.

Using powerful visual analysis functionality, idetect enhances your capabilities and provides hitherto unseen insights into crime patterns and trends. With idetect, you can map criminal activity to reveal network and statistics — this data can then be drilled-down to explore variables that contribute to crime patterns. Visualizing potential patterns and trends enables your organization to effectively allocate resources and efficiently evaluate operational results.

Advantages recap

  • Real-time Fraud & user behaviour analytics (batch/after-the-fact possible)
  • RESTful Web service developed in accordance with ISO 20022
  • Link analysis and Geo-intelligence
  • Message Oriented Middleware for SWIFT® connectivity and asynchronous real-time integration
  • Database encryption up to Top Secret level (NATO classification)
  • Unlimited number of behaviour profiles (number and types)
  • Usage of unstructured data
  • “Big Data” compatible: Hadoop® and Kafka®
  • Detection models for banks, money transfer operators, insurances and more