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Anti-money laundering & transaction monitoring

Transaction monitoring is the key to fighting money laundering. Modern technologies, combined with real time capabilities and artificial intelligence, makes the detection process simple and productive. Meet idetect: it protects your reputation while lowering the cost of compliance.

Eradicate the risk

idetect reports unusual or suspicious activities and eradicates the risk of unwittingly facilitating wrongdoing. Its detection features include a comprehensive set of money laundering patterns. At a functional level, the transaction monitoring engine searches through all kinds of symptomatic typologies, such as placement, layering, integration, and structuring.

Every transaction performed by your institution is analyzed and behavioral profiles are updated accordingly. Through its use of machine-learning technology, idetect uncovers new money laundering scenarios as efficiently as existing ones while adapting to ever-changing regulations.

Maintain a flawless reputation

The idetect reporting module provides a wide variety of management information statistics and operational reports that include comprehensive details into monitoring activities. Such visibility empowers your organization to maintain a flawless reputation with regulators, resulting in less frequent and shorter audits. Our reporting module ensures that sensitive information is protected and only accessible to those with appropriate permissions.

Reach worldwide compliance

The idetect solution is designed to meet the requirements of different and constantly evolving anti-money laundering regulations. Its underlying technology empowers global enterprises to ensure compliance across all business units in multiple geographies.

Advantages recap

  • Real-time AML & transaction monitoring (batch/after-the-fact possible)
  • RESTful Web service developed in accordance with ISO 20022
  • Link analysis and Geo-intelligence
  • Message Oriented Middleware for SWIFT® connectivity and asynchronous real-time integration
  • Database encryption up to Top Secret level (NATO classification)
  • Unlimited number of behaviour profiles (number and types)
  • Usage of unstructured data
  • “Big Data” compatible: Hadoop® and Kafka®
  • Detection models for banks, money transfer operators, insurances and more
  • Connect with an unlimited number of external data sources