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idetect enhances business intelligence by helping you to make fast, informed, and rational decisions.

With idetect, you get...

No silos

idetect provides a single framework to capture and manage the entire spectrum of financial crime risk. No need to buy different tools: for every problem, there is idetect.

Fewer false positives

idetect parameters use artificial intelligence to self-tune, resulting in fewer false positives compared to strict rules-based methods.

Machine learning techniques

idetect is set to anticipate the most sophisticated forms of threats, whether widely spread, emerging or hidden, safeguarding your institution today and tomorrow.

High volumes

idetect comes without volume and velocity constraints and helps you scale as your datasets get bigger.

Real-time visibility

idetect provides a comprehensive view of financial crime risks across all enterprise applications, systems, and resources. Discover hidden information and patterns in your data.

A data & database agnostic software

idetect is natively designed to function with any type of data (xml, csv, pdf, doc, json) and database management system (DBMS).


idetect’s user-friendly functionality does not require IT knowledge from the user. It is easy to change detection strategies, or create new ones, by using pseudo-natural language.

Automated supervision & surveillance

idetect fulfills highly repetitive tasks, saves hours of tedious work, and leaves you empowered with time to make considered decisions.

Ultra-secure cloud or on-premises deployment

idetect can be deployed on your own infrastructure or as a service. We use Tier III and IV data centers in Luxembourg and Switzerland. We use 256-bit database encryption and provide secure communications using https and certification mechanisms. VPNs and dedicated lines can also be established when needed.

Return on investment

idetect effectively reduces financial resources relating to the management of alerts and false positives. The end result is an immediate and higher return-on-investment.


Anti-money laundering & transaction monitoring

Transaction monitoring is the key to fighting money laundering. Modern technologies, combined with real time capabilities and artificial intelligence, makes the detection process simple and productive. Meet idetect: it protects your reputation while lowering the cost of compliance.

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Watchlist screening & identity resolution

Screening watchlists is crucial to ensure that customers and their counterparties are not a source, destination, or conduit for illegal funds. All useful data should be scanned at once while prioritizing the risks. Meet idetect: it outsmarts the usual detection process.

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Know your customer & risk scoring

During the client onboarding stage, risk teams face several management and operational challenges. Advanced technology, such as comprehensive real-time screening, facilitates the easy creation & analysis of client profiles, leaving you more time for decision making. Meet idetect: it spares you the trouble of collecting and analyzing data.

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Counter fraud & behavior analytics

Behavior analytics is an essential asset when tackling financial crimes. Access to the latest innovations in this field simplifies the management of enterprise fraud. Meet idetect: it evolves as fast as the fraud landscape.

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Market surveillance & holistic detection

Detecting and preventing illegal trades requires global surveillance and risk management. Complying with regulations necessitates the use of the most sophisticated automated methods. Meet idetect: it reveals market abuses before they occur.

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