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idetect team is composed of dedicated and engaging professionals.

We are professionals and we excel at what we do

idetect is a product designed by a team of experts led by Olivier Merlan. After having been in charge of implementing the first version of Europol Information System and the Overall Analysis System for Intelligence and Support at Europol and spent years as an expert consultant in financial crime, Olivier achieved a worldwide and comprehensive insight into the field requirements and challenges. He anticipated the need for a complete, innovative and game-changing tool. To conceive it, he surrounded himself with the best experts.

After three years of intensive research, innovation and improvement, the idetect team launched the software. Five years of success, concrete changes and constant innovations later, the idetect team knows the software inside out and masters the best practices to implement it for the most demanding financial institutions.

Our team

We work with you and for your best interests, at all times

Choosing idetect is a safe investment. Our project management team, product consulting teams, and senior consultants guide you through all phases of the implementation process.

We start by dedicating sufficient time to thoroughly comprehend your daily issues and needs. This enables us to fully understand why you need idetect and how it can best address your business issues and processes. On our side, we provide demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises that are focused on both the technical facets of idetect as well as best practices in terms of usability.

Regarding timeframes, we work with you and your team to establish implementation milestones and to ensure a successful delivery.

We get involved

We are dedicated to making your experience with idetect a productive and beneficial one. After the implementation process, our dedication doesn’t fade. We ensure that our clients have acquired the knowledge and skills they need to use idetect efficiently.

Ultimately, your work should be faster, your issues should be addressed, the pressure relieved, and your company as productive as possible. Even after idetect is up and running for your organization, we remain constantly available for your support needs

We're here for you, at any time

We offer a wide range of support & maintenance options. Our professional support teams provide you with information, technical assistance, information on software updates and releases. We answer all questions related to product functionality and suggest improvements for your applications.

Our support and maintenance services are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We solve virtually any request concerning help desk and user support, technical support, and access to product updates.

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