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In a fast-paced globalized world, investigating financial crime has never been as critical nor as complex.

The data to consider is diverse, the threats numerous, and the regulations constantly evolving.

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I monitor operations in real time

I handle large and diverse data streams without limitation and in a fraction of a second. I give investigators quality, precision, and speed. I am ideal for real-time detection of financial crime of all sorts.

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I analyze information relevant to your needs

I am designed to be flexible. I can be configured to adapt to your specific needs. I keep up with emerging trends and regulations. I will meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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I disclose financial crimes

I support both anti-money-laundering and counter-fraud operations. I can align myself to fit with the needs and approach of both. I keep pace with sophisticated criminal threats. I detect broader criminal patterns and unique modi operandi.

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I make your decisions objective and reliable

I provide immediate access to non-obvious information. I integrate cases and alerts into network visualizations. I enhance business intelligence. I empower you to make fast, informed, and rational decisions.

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